Our Structure

A church that extends the Kingdom of God by establishing interdependent autonomous local churches founded on the principles presented in the book of Acts and as embodied in our mission statement.

Church Governance
The church is neither a Democracy nor an Autocracy, but a Theocracy. It is governed neither by the will of the majority, nor by the will of one leader, but by the will of God. Jesus is the Head of the church. But how does God govern His church? We believe that the best Scriptural answer to that question is through a ‘plurality of Elders’.

The Eldership team, consisting of 3 men, has the authority to govern the church. They are of course accountable to both the Lord and the membership. Although a ‘Lead Elder’ provides spiritual oversight and direction for the team, all decisions are reached by consensus (general agreement).
Deacons assist Elders in their duties of serving the church.